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Part 2--Hugh M. Comer Civil War Libaray exhibit

My last blog post discussed the acquisition of the Hugh M. Comer Civil War Library at the Mildred Huie Museum.   There, I discussed one of the library's books that I will be highlighting in my Curator Talk on November 17, 2012 at 3 p.m.  Now I would like to introduce the remaining books to be highlighted in the exhibition.

The three books to be highlighted at the exhibit.

These next two texts are a set of volumes I and II whose citations are as follows:
Henderson C.B., Lieut.-Col. G.F.R. Stonewall Jackson and the American
Civil War, Volume I. Longmans, Green and Company: New York, 1905.

Henderson C.B., Lieut.-Col. G.F.R. Stonewall Jackson and the American
Civil War, Volume II. Longmans, Green and Company: New York, 1905.

Volume I is comprised of the following chapters:
Chapter I.  West Point
Chapter II. Mexico, 1846-47
Chapter III Lexington, 1851-61
Chapter IV Secession, 1860-61
Chapter V  Harper's Ferry
Chapter VI The First Battle of Manassas or Bull Run
Chapter VII Romney
Chapter VIII Kernstown
Chapter IX McDowell
Chapter X  Winchester
Chapter XI Cross Keys and Port Republic
Chapter XII Review of the Vallery Champaign

The Illustrations in Volume I:
Stonewall Jackson, Lt.-General
Stonewall Jackson at the age of 24 (from a daguerreotype)

The City of Mexico
The United States, 1861
Situation, Night of July 17, 1861
Dispositions, Morning of July 21, 1861.
Bull Run
Sketch of West Virginia in 1861
The Valley
Situation, Night of March 21, 1862
Battle of Kernstown
Situation, April, 30, 1862
Battle of McDowell
Situation, May 18, 1862
Battle of Winchester
Battles of Cross Keys and Port Republic

Volume II is comprised of the following chapters:
Chapter XIII The Seven Days. Gaines' Mill
Chapter XIV The Seven Days. Frayser's Farm and Malvern Hill
Chapter XV Cedar Run
Chapter XVI Groveton and the Second Manassas
Chapter XVII Harper's Ferry
Chapter XIX Sharpsburg
Chapter XX Ferdericksburg
Chapter XXI The Army of Northern Virginia
Chapter XXII Winder Quarters
Chapter XXIII Chancellorsville
Chapter XXIV Chancellorsville (continued)
Chapter XXV The Soldier and the Man

Illustrations in Volume II:
Environs of Richmond
Battle of Gaines' Mill
The Seven Days. June 26-July 2, 1862
Battle of Malvern Hill
Evirons of Warrenton
Battle of Cedar Run
Situation on August 27 (sunset), 1862
Situation on August 25 (sunset), 1862
Positions on August 29, 1862
Groveton and the Second Manassas
Positions on August 30, 1862, in the Attack on Jackson
Positions on August 30, 1862
Harper's Ferry
Positions during the Attacks of Hooker and Mansfield at Sharpsburg
Hooker's Plan of Campaign
Battle of Chancellorsville

The contents of the books can be read in its entirety online here.
Both volumes in the Mildred Huie Collection contain much foxing, however, all fold-out illustrations are intact with not the slightest tear.  Both are covered in a red cloth binding with much shelf wear around the edges.
Title page of Volume II.

Map "Environs of Warrenton (Virginia)" from Volume II.
In the January 1899 issue of The Sewanee Review, S.S.P. Patterson wrote that Henderson's volumes are the "most impartial work yet published on the civil war in America."  Patterson concluded his review of the texts by stating that "[Henderson's] book leaves one almost with the impression that if Jackson had lived the Southern Confederacy would have established its independence." The books are written by an author with a military background, thus the information presented is most detailed and correct.  However, a disadvantage in writing the books from the author's militaristic perspective is evident in his usage of incorrect grammar, especially split infinitives.  No matter, this biography successfully catalyzed Stonewall Jackson's legacy as a legend and hero.

Henderson's books will be exhibited along with a 30"x25" portrait of Stonewall Jackson painted by Mildred Huie's Aunt Marion "Ju Ju" Weigle, (1880-1930).  This portrait has hung prominently in the families' homes since it was painted around 1919.  According to family lore, Stonewall is a distant relative of the Weigle family (Mildred Huie's materal family), though I have been unable to connect the geneology even after extensive research.
Marion "Ju Ju" Weigle. Stonewall Jackson, 1919. Oil on canvas. 30" x 25" Mediterranean House Private Collection.
Also, exhibited with the Library are a Confederate Uniform, and letters from Alexander Stephens, Vice President of the Confederacy to Mildred Huie's great-grandfather, Col. James "John" Michael Weigle, (1842-1907).  A special presentation by "Voices of the Civil War" local actor, Harry Paisley in which he reads excerpts from selected texts, will be performed at the opening of the exhibit on November 17 at 4pm.

The books in the Hugh M. Comer Civil War Library at the Mildred Huie Museum are significant to the historian and research novice with its comprehensive array of important texts.  These texts are also an asset in that most in this collection were written before the epidemic of revisionism set in in the late 1960's and beyond.  Thus, the Hugh M. Comer Civil War Library are wonderful reference books, in addition to the reading entertainment they provide.

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